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Custom Software by Easy Street Software

Is your business running as efficiently as it could be? Custom software from Easy Street Software may be just what you need.

So many businesses are using software that was not made to do the things they really need. How much time and money is wasted because your personnel are always doing things manually and trying make inadequate software do what they need?

Some examples:

  • One person does some work on their computer, prints it out and hands it to someone else.  That person then manually enters the information into another computer system.
  • You're handed a pile of information and data that was printed out of you computer system. You have been put in charge of manually sorting through it all and making a report (maybe in Excel) that summarizes the information. The next day, week or month you get to do it all again.

Do any of these sound familiar? These are just some examples of the hundreds or thousands of things that companies do every day that waste their precious time and money. Many companies think that they can't afford to have software when in reality they can't afford not to.

Easy Street Software can help you transform your business into the efficient and responsive company that it needs to be to compete in today's world.

2 Types of Software

  • Windows Based Software
    This type of software will get loaded onto each of the PCs that need to run it. Word processors and spread sheets are great examples of a classic Windows program. For most businesses this will be a program that is used by everyone in the company and is often connected to a common database.
  • Web Based Software
    Web based software is loaded on only 1 computer in the company (usually a server). The software is accessed by each employee using the web browser that already exists in their computer.

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