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Web Based Software


Web based programs have been coming on strong in recent years as the best choice for large corporate systems. The software normally exists only one one server that is used by an entire company. Each of the users accesses the software from the web browser on their PC.

Many people have used or may still be using a server with a terminal client on their PC. The terminal is usually the black and green screen that most have come to hate. The biggest problem with a terminal is that it doesn't work or act like the Windows programs that were all used to. Point an click is almost unheard of. Operators waste lots of time typing the same things over and over.

Many companies converted from their old server/terminal software to Windows based software over the years. Now the trend is shifting towards web based applications because they are the best that a terminal client and a Windows based application have to offer.

Let Easy Street Software help you design and implement a Web application that perfectly suited to your needs. Contact us today.

Web Example


  • Software can be run on any computer with a web browser
  • Platform independent (Windows, MAC, Unix , Linux etc)
  • Software only needs to be installed and and maintained on 1 server
  • Cost effective especially when used on a large scale
  • Easy updates
  • Easily used on any company network or even the internet
  • Windows style functions


  • Server is always required
  • Not usually practical for a small number of users

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