Command Line Operation - Settings and Examples

Format for running a report from the command line:
C:\Program Files\Easy View\EasyView.exe CMD OPT1=Setting1, OPT2=Setting2, OPT3=Setting3

Command Sections:


General Options

Login Settings

Report Parameters

Printing Options

General Export Options

HTML Export Options

XML Export Options

Excel Export Options

Email Settings


Changing the separator character: You can change the the default separator character from a comma to another character by modifying the command line settings.

Before: C:\Program Files\Easy View\EasyView.exe CMD M=Q,R=C:\BlankReport.rpt
After: C:\Program Files\Easy View\EasyView.exe CMD [?] M=Q,R=C:\BlankReport.rpt

This example changes the separator character from the default comma to a question mark. This setting can be changed to any single character as long as it does not violate any Windows command line rules (like using < or > for example). The character must be the first setting after the CMD text and be surrounded by [ on the left and ] on the right.

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