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Golf Shop Manager - Overview

Golf Shop Manager is a total software solution designed to manage your golf club making and repair shop. It helps you with the entire clubmaking process from start to finish.

Golf Shop manager is much more than a couple of tools that calculate swing weight and club length. It is the only piece of software that you need to do everything from ordering golf club parts, building clubs to making a bill for the customer.

The Club Builder helps you easily select just the right components for each customer. It also checks all the components in the set to make sure everything is just right helping to reduce mistakes and costs.

With Golf Shop Manager you can spend your time focusing on the important things like making golf clubs and dealing with your customers not doing paperwork.

Manage inventory, customer information, quotations, orders, club specs, calculate swing weight and much much more.

Get the most out of your time and personnel. Give yourself a break and give Golf Shop Manger a try.


    Key Features

  •  Manage Inventory
  •  Make professional quotations
  •  Print invoices
  •  Swing weight calculator
  •  Contact Manager
  •  Golf Club Builder
  •  Match clubheads shafts and grips
  •  Issue purchase orders
  •  Purchase materials
  •  Network ready



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