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Golf Shop Manager - Features

  • Contacts
    No business can be successful if it loses touch with its customers.  The Contact Manager stores all of the key information about your customers.  Turn those contacts into cash with emails, mailings and directed advertisements.  Easily review purchasing history and account balances.
  • Quotes
    With Golf Shop Manager making professional looking quotations is a breeze.  Use the Club Builder to choose the components.  The selling prices can be automatically calculated based on material cost and labor. 
  • Club Builder
    The Club Builder is an intuitive tool that takes all the work out of selecting the right components for your customer's set of clubs.  Simply put in some basic search criteria and the Club Builder automatically shows you all the components that fit your requirements. 
    When your all done selecting the components for the set of clubs, the Club Builder will tell you if there are any missing or incompatible components.  This helps avoid costly mistakes and delays.
  • Orders
    Orders are effortlessly entered and processed with Golf Shop Manager.  You can convert an existing quote into an order or a new one.  The Club Builder makes easy work of selecting the components required for the order.  After the components are selected, you can automatically create a purchase order for all of your vendors. 
  • Purchasing
    The purchasing tools in Golf Shop Manager are designed to save you time and money.  Every time components or parts are selected they are queued up waiting for a purchase order to be issued.  This allows you to purchase components for multiple orders at one time which saves money on shipping and increases the possibility of quantity discounts.
  • Inventory
    The Inventory Manager maintains a database of all the components and materials used in your club making business.  All technical details, inventory levels,  prices, purchasing history, supplier information and pictures can easily be viewed in one place.  
  • Reports
    The reports are invaluable tools used that can be used to analyze and manage all aspects of your business.  Golf Shop Manager comes standard with many reports that are used for everything from quotes to inventory management.  Custom reports can be added using Crystal Reports (purchased separately) or supplied by Easy Street Software.
  • Network Ready
    Golf Shop Manager was designed to grow with your business.  It works great on a single work station for small business.  If you have a larger company with more employees, additional work stations can be installed on your network so that multiple employees can use the system at the same time. 

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