Variables - Overview

Variables can be used when running reports from the 'Report Scheduler' and from the command line. They are used when you want to substitute a predefined value in place of a variable.

A great example of when to use a variable would be in the 'Report Scheduler' when you want to put the date into an email each time the report is emailed. The hard way would be to type the date in each time the report is sent. The easy way is to use a variable. In this case the variable would be <Date>.


All variables in Easy View start with the < character and end with the > character. These 2 characters tell Easy View that it needs to replace the variable with another value.

Places to use variables

Entering Variables

Variables can be typed in manually or selected from a drop down list. To bring up the drop down list, simply click in the area that you want to type and press the CONTROL button on the keyboard. Scroll down and click o the variable you need. The variable will be entered into the text automatically.

Calculations with variables

In some cases you may want to modify the way a variable behaves. The <Date> variable for example will have the current date inserted in its place. But what do you do in the cases where you may want to enter yesterday's or tomorrow's date. Easy View provides a very easy way to do this.

If you want to have yesterday's date substituted you would simply use the variable <Date-1>. This tells Easy View to insert today's date minus 1 day. If you want the date from 30 days ago, you can do this with <Date-30>. You can also do this in the other direction. <Date+1> would give you tomorrow's date.

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