Easy View setup is very simple. In most cases, it will work fine without changing any default settings. There are some settings you can change to better customize Easy View to your needs.

To access the options page click the Tools menu and then options.

The different option sections can be accessed by clicking the tabs at the top.


Start Easy View with Windows
Check this option to start Easy View when Windows is started. Easy View will be started and put into the system tray.

Minimize and send to system tray on exit
This option controls what happens when you exit Easy View. It only applies if you have one or more reports active in the Report Scheduler. When you close the program, instead of closing completely, it will be sent to the system tray (normally in the right side of the Task Bar). It will sit there and run all scheduled reports automatically. If you don't have any active reports in the Report Scheduler, Easy View will close completely.

Only if report schedules are active
This option applies to the 2 previous options. When this option is checked Easy View will look to see if there are any active reports in the reports scheduler. If yes then the 2 previous options will operate as indicated above. If no then they will not apply.

Unchecking this option will override the schedule check and cause the previous 2 options to apply at all times.

Check for program updates automatically
Check this option to make Easy View check for program updates and notify you automatically.

Discard saved report data when launching reports from Windows explorer
This option tells Easy View whether or not to discard data that was saved with the report file. It only applies when a report is started by opening it from a program like Windows Explorer.


Number of reports to show in the history table
This option sets how many records will be displayed in the recent reports list in the main tab.
The default setting is 20.

Try all saved database login information before prompting the user to login
When you check this option, Easy View will try all login information saved in the 'Server Info' table to see if it can login in to the database. If it can you will not be prompted. If it can't you will see the login screen.

Prompt user to select the printer when printing from preview mode
Check this box to be prompter to select a printer every time you print from 'Preview Mode'.

Automatically refresh reports in 'Preview Mode'
Use this option when you want to have reports run in 'Preview Mode' refreshed automatically every X seconds.


Enable report scheduler
This globally turns the report scheduler on or off for all of the scheduled reports. This option is also available by right clicking on the report schedule list.

Check to see if scheduler is enabled when saving
When you edit and change a schedule, Easy View will check to see if the schedule is enabled and will prompt you if it is not.
Uncheck this option to stop the check and message.

Check report schedule every X seconds
This tells Easy View how often to check to see if any scheduled reports need to be run. The default setting is every 60 seconds.


Set the options for your SMTP email server. For more information see the Email section.


If you are worried about unauthorized people from accessing and running reports from your PC you can set a password in Easy View. If you select this option you will be prompted for the password every time you start Easy View or restore it from the Windows System tray.